Episode 11 ~ Sharing Your Story & A Path to Healing, an Interview with Ehi Aimiuwu founder at Geek Empowered

November 21, 2017

In this episode, Mara chats with the founder of Geek Empowered, Ehi Aimiuwu. Ehi is SO inspirational and brings her whole self to the table when sharing her story.  Ehi has overcome the odds, lived a life of hardship and come out of it all with such a positive and fresh perspective.  Ehi is truly amazing! Be sure to give this episode a listen. Be inspired to tell your story, you never know who it might touch.


Episode 10 ~ Military Spouse Life & Business, an Interview with Moni Jefferson

November 7, 2017

In this episode, Megan and Mara talk with Moni Jefferson about military spouse life and running a business as a mom to three.  Moni Jefferson is a PR strategist, serial entrepreneur, speaker and proud military spouse. She is the founder of The MilSpouse Creative, a gathering place for military spouse (aka MilSpouse) creative entrepreneurs and creator of the MilCam App.  She's so much fun! We hope you enjoy this episode on The Mara and Megan Show.


Episode 9 ~ Fruit that Lasts, an Interview with Authors Nena Jackson and Kristi Smith

November 1, 2017

Mara interviews authors of Fruit that Lasts, Nena Jackson and Kristi Smith, in this special episode. Fruit that Lasts is a children's book series with a mission to share the amazing news of Jesus Christ with children.  In this interview, Nena and Kristi speak to their journey with writing Fruit that Lasts as well as their personal motherhood journies and testimonies.  This is a must listen!  For more information about the books, Fruit that Lasts, visit www.fruitthatlasts.com


Episode 8 ~ Living Out Your Dreamboard, an interview with Mahlena-Rae Johnson

October 24, 2017

Mahlena-Rae Johnson shares, in this week's episode, about how to live out your dreamboard the right way, how to cultivate me-time and her latest endeavors with writing. 


Episode 7 ~ A Chat with Moms Can: Code CEO, Erica Peterson

October 10, 2017

In this episode, Mara chats with the Founder and CEO of Moms Can: Code, Erica Peterson about motherhood and startup life. Lots of really good nuggets and words of inspiration. Enjoy!


Shifting Your Mindset So You Can Thrive ~ An Interview with Briana Oliver

September 27, 2017

Everything begins and ends with your mindset. How you view your own life, the world around you and beyond is all up to you and no one else. We love chatting with those in this space. Briana Oliver is the founder and blogger at MajorLeagueMommy.com, and BOY oh BOY is she rad! Give her a listen and check her out on social media, as well as her blog.


Loving the Body You’re In ~ An Interview with Cassandra Padgett

September 12, 2017

In this episode, Mara chats with Cassandra Padgett, owner of VivFit, about loving the body you are in and changing negative habits to positive habits.  You can find out more about Cassandra at vivfitness.com


Episode 4 ~ The Beauty of Adoption, an Interview with Teri Prichard

August 30, 2017

This episode is so near and dear to our hearts.  The amazing Teri Prichard opens up and shares about her journey as a mother to both her biological and adopted children.  Such a beautiful story about love, adoption, and motherhood.  Enjoy!


Episode 3 ~ Mara’s Motherhood Story

August 15, 2017

In this episode, Megan interviews Mara about her motherhood journey, the struggles & successes, and learning to let go.  Enjoy!


Episode 2 ~ Relying on God through Business, an Interview with MeLisa Dill

August 1, 2017

I am so excited to introduce you to a new mom and entrepreneur friend of mine.  I met MeLisa Dill from a networking and business Facebook group, when I was searching for new ladies to interview and share with you on the podcast.  I had posted something like, "Hey!  I'm looking to interview inspiring moms with really cool stories," and MeLisa wrote back something like, "are you open to Christian women?  I have an inspiring story that I would love to share."  And yes, yes of course Christian women are welcome (I am one myself, you know)!  And so I invited her to join me, to talk about her life and her journey to becoming an entrepreneur.